What is Set Route?

Set Route is a fundamental function of FotoRoute.com.
It allows any user define and save a sequences of images which can be e-mailed to thousands of people.
It can be used by retailers and hotels to ensure that customers know exactly where their premises are.
It can be used by individuals who are having a party, or by travelers downloading their exact FotoRoute to their laptop or PDA.

Step 1: Set your Position and Direction

  • Double clicking on the map will download a photograph taken from that precise position.
  • Rotate the arrow on the map by clicking the spin buttons.
    Using only your mouse: Set your position, then click and hold the left mouse button. The arrow will then follow the target cursor.


Step 2: View a photograph:

  • When you have set your position and direction you can view that photograph by
    Double clicking on the arrow
  • Clicking the Show Photo button

Step 3: Setting a route:

  • Each time you view a photo it is inserted automatically in your route.
    You can remove stages from the route by clicking the button.
  • To delete a route completely click the button.
  • When defining a route it is important that all the stages are in sequence to the final destination.
    You can enter as many stages as you like.


Step 4: Viewing the result

  • You can use the and buttons to browse through sequences of photographs for your route.
  • To go straight to the beginning of your route just click the button
  • Check the arrow on the map is synchronised and in the positions you want.

Step 5: Saving your FotoRoute

  • Click Save Route.
  • You will be prompted for your e-mail address. Send it to yourself, and forward it to as many people as you like.
  • When you receive your e-mail just click on the link in the text to view your saved route. THAT'S IT!